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All About Love

One of the unexpected pleasures of being single-ish* after many years is buying my own gifts for holidays. (Santa was very thoughtful this year.)

For Valentine’s Day we got new love-inspired t-shirts and new books. I got myself All About Love by bell hooks, a visionary writer and thought-leader who died in December, and What is Love? by Mac Barnett for the boys.

I had intended to write a longer post today, but I have a preschooler home with a runny nose and a kitchen still messy from super bowl fun and a ton of work to do. But All About Love by bell hooks blew me away - and I plan to post more about it this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day all - don’t forget to show yourself some love today ❤️

*I still stumble over the word “single.” I don’t feel like a single mom or even a single person. I am constantly with two others in tow, even if just in my thoughts. And yet there isn’t another word that seems to fit… an uncoupled mom, perhaps? I am open to suggestions…

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